Three New Volunteers join the Knutsford Heartstart Team

As we increase the frequency of our Heartstart Courses from 6/year to 12/year due to public demand, we need to add new members to all aspects of our Teams activities

We are delighted to announce that three new members have joined our team from April this year

Having attended a Heartstart Course earlier in the year, and following discussions with exisiting members of our Team to fully understand what they would be undertaking, Stephanie Griffith, Rebecca Nelson and Bridget Knight have joined the Knutsford Community Heartstart Team.

All are currently undergoing “on the job” training to become Course Facilitators; additionally Stephanie and Rebecca are to be given further training over the coming months to become fully BHF accredited Course Trainers, ultimately being qualified to give our British Heart Foundation Heartstart Course themselves.

I asked each what motivated them to join our Heatstart Team:

Stephanie:  “I was born and brought up in North Wales where the nearest A & E was, and still is over an hour away by road.  I know simple skills save lives and hope to spread the word through Knutsford Community Heartstart.”

Rebecca:  “I am a cello teacher and a home educating Mum of three girls.  I think the Heartstart Scheme is a brilliant idea and I’m delighted to have the chance to support such a vital initiative.”

Bridget:  “A while ago I decided to work part time to allow me the opportunity to help others and “give something back” to those who have helped me over the years.  I believe the Heartstart Scheme offers something very special, which deserves our support, and am looking forward to “spreading the word” to the local community.”

It’s fantastic to have three such motivated ladies join our Team.  We continue to seek more like minded people to join us, either in our Heartstart initiatives or as a First Responder or a Fund-raiser for the Trust.  Anyone interested in finding out more should call or E-Mail me for more information: 01565 631324;