Vale Royal & Knutsford Ramblers Association

We gave our Heartstart Course to 20 members of the Vale Royal & Knutsford Ramblers Association yesterday evening (14th May 2014).

The course was given by John Mills together with 5 of our Training Facilitators and 2 of our new “trainees”.

We provide such courses, in addition to our normal monthly “public” courses”, to clubs and associations such as the Ramblers, Explorer Scouts, Lions, Rotary etc at their request.

As with our “public” Heartstart Courses, their is no charge for our services; though we obviously welcome any donations offered.

I received the following E-Mail from Alan Mulligan today:

“Many thanks  to the Knutsford First Responder Team for an excellent course for which I am sure there will be a lot of positive feedback.  We may see you again in 2 years time!”

Thank you Alan and many thanks to you and your Association for your generous donation.

If any such organisation is interested in our providing a Heartstart Course to its members, please use the “Contact” page on our web-site and send me your enquiry which I will answer by return.