Knutsford Heartstart link with Wythenshawe Hospital

The University Hospital of South Manchester (Wythenshawe) Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre is to utilise Knutsford’s Heartstart Course as part of its Exercise and Education programmes to its patients.

Gillian Edmundson, a Cardiac Rehabilitation Physiotherapist at the UHSM Rehab centre, explains: ” I think that it’s great that we have eventually found a Heartstart Course nearby that our patients and families can access”.

“What we do in Cardiac Rehab is to have patients following heart surgery, heart attacks and angioplasty.  We also take patients who have been diagnosed with Heart Failure.

Following an assessment, suitable patients are given a 9 week exercise programme followed by a comprehensive education programme.  As part of the BACPR (British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation), the Education Programme should include CPR Training so we have now started to provide a talk entitled “Introduction to Basic Life Support”; we will be including your Heartstart information in this talk”

However, we are only able to provide the essential information in this talk; with the link with Knutsford we can now offer our patients (and families) the much more detailed information available by attending  your Heartstart Courses.”

The first Wythenshawe patient to benefit from this link was Andrew King, who attended our June Heartstart Course together with his partner.  He commented after the course:  “The course was very informative, essential and valuable, run by a great team of people passionate with helping people learn the right skills to help save lives.  It is 2.5 hours of your time well worth spending at Knutsford Heartstart”.

Knutsford Community Heartstart are delighted to provide Wythenshawe’s Cardiac Rehab Centre this support to its patients and are honoured to have been selected as their “local” support team.  We look forward to working with an increasing number of their patients and their carers to provide them with the essential life saving tools to allow them to live long and healthy lives.