Heartstart Attendee Saves a Life

Robbie Wolfson, a local dentist living in Knutsford, used his Life Saving Skills learnt at our Heartstart Course to save the life of a fellow cyclist who had suffered a cardiac arrest in Tatton Park just before Christmas.

Robbie spoke about the dramatic incident during our Heartstart course in January, which he was attending for his annual “refresher”.

Robbie told his fellow attendees how his Heartstart training just “kicked in”.

Robbie started to perform CPR to the victim, a Dad of three Rob Harwood, whilst the Tatton Park wardens were called.  On their arrival with an AED, they continued to give CPR and administer the shocks with the AED until the Ambulance arrived.

Rob Harwood survived and the Knutsford Guardian published a photo of all four in this weeks edition.

To see and read the full story, follow the link:


Fantastic story; again illustrating our slogan: SIMPLE SKILLS SAVES LIVES