New Recruits Complete Training and Join Knutsford Heartstart Team

Heartstart Trainers Feb 15 V2

New Heartstart Trainers: Tom Donald, Julie Corcoran, Dan Young & Steve Nixon


Knutsford Community Hearstart trained over 3 times as many Knutsford people in 2014 than 2013, with nearly 300 people attending its free course to learn that “SIMPLE SKILLS SAVES LIVES”

To enable them to maintain, and hopefully increase, these numbers in 2015, Knutsford Community First Responder Trust (who run the Heartstart courses as well as providing the community its First Responder service) embarked on a recruitment drive to encourage new volunteers to join its teams

Four of these new volunteers who joined the Trust last year (pictured above at last week’s Heartstart Course) have now completed their “hands-on” training and join the Knutsford Heartstart Team as Training Facilitators.  They were presented their “team colours and badges” at the end of the course by the Trust Chairman, Adrian Rees.

Each were asked why they decided to join:

Tom Donald is a Doctor at the Royal Bolton Hospital said “teaching members of our community these simple life saving skills gives patients a better chance of recovery when they reach hospital.”

Julie Corcoran, a Television Production Manager, added “I wanted to become a volunteer to be able to give something back to our community.  The Heartstart Team are an amazing group of people who give their time and skills voluntarily.  I am proud to be a member of Knutsford Heartstart Team.”

Dan Young, the Associate Minister at St. Johns Church, Toft said “I decided to train as a Heartstart volunteer after I had completed my second Heartstart course.”

Finally, Steve Nixon who, as he puts it is “one of the inglorious self-employed!” added “The reason I joined the Knutsford Heartstart Team is that I hate to think that I couldn’t assist a friend in need, and all strangers are potentially unknown friends.”


In presenting them with their “team colours and badges”, Adrian Rees thanked them for their hard work and commitment to become another valued member of the Knutsford Team.  He added ”having such fantastic new members to our Team is a real privilege; not only do we enjoy their company, they are enabling us to continue our goal to train as many residents of Knutsford and its outlying communities as possible. To date, we have trained over 2,000 residents!

We are also looking for new volunteers to become First Responders with us and will shortly be embarking on a recruitment drive in Knutsford”


To book a place on a Heartstart Course, or to register your interest in becoming a volunteer, follow the links on the Trust’s web-site:, or call Adrian on 01565 631324.