KCFRT’S Annual Christmas Celebration

KCFRT held it’s annual get together for all Members at the Knutsford Golf Club last week.

We enjoyed great food, dancing to a fabulous band (Sight “N” Sound); quiz’s, together with the presentation of our own Awards to our volunteers who have “gone the extra mile” during 2017 in providing Life-Saving Services to the Knutsford Community














KCFRT Members


Sal Thompson (KCFRT’s Chairman) thanked all the volunteers for their work in providing First Responder Cover, Heartstart Courses, Defribillator Installations and running the 2 C-R-Y Cardiac Screening Days in 2017.

For the first time, she explained that we would be presenting individual members with “Special Recognition Awards” and looked forward to repeating these Awards at each year’s annual get-together hereon.



This award is for a person who is always there, working away in the background, making sure we are all fed and watered. Siew-Mei attends all Knutsford & Wythenshawe Heartstart courses, as a facilitator and as general kitchen manager, plus supporting many other events throughout the year.

The winner is Siew-Mei Brennan











This award is for someone who goes above and beyond their job role, who has provided us with a great link with NWAS, who after a busy day as a paramedic likes nothing better than to volunteer for a Heartstart course. She acts as a trainer and facilitator and is a fantastic ambassador for us and for NWAS.

The winner is Carol Robertson











This person is another “can’t get enough of my job” type person. He works all day with the NHS as a Doctor and then volunteers to deliver Heartstart courses, not only in Knutsford but also setting up and helping to run the new sub group in Wythenshawe. Tom has trained the most Heartstart courses in the past year.

The Winner is Tom Donald

Unfortunately, Tom was not there to receive his Award as he was working!  He will be presented with the Award at the next Heartstart Course




This person isn’t actually a one off, she comes with a whole host of folks behind her. This year we have been spurred on to greater things with her, and their, enthusiasm and general gung ho approach to fund raising.

 The Winners are Emily & Pauline Coffey, “Team Coffey”!





This year my WOW Award goes to someone who managed to put goosebumps on everyone’s arms and raised a celebratory flutter in our hearts. It goes to a person who was able to save a life, whilst off duty, practically on her own front drive. The patient survived. Sylvia please come and accept this award and tell everyone what you were able to do with one small red box (AED)

The Winner is Sylvia Thomas






















Members of the fabulous Sight “N” Sound



A great evening was had by all!!