Toni Friscuolo completes her Heartstart Facilitator Training









Toni Frisuolo completed her Heartstart Facilitator training at last weeks Heartstart Course and became our second new Heartstart Faciliator of 2018!

Well done Toni.

The photos show Toni being presented with her Knutsford “Team Colours” and official Name Badge by Adrian Rees, the Knutsford Heartstart Coordinator.

As well as becoming an active member of Knutsford Heartsstart Team, Toni has also decided to become a Knutsford First Responder!

Having successfully passed her NWAS Interview, Toni is currently undergoing the rigorous training involved.  We look forward to Toni being an active member of both our Heartstart and First Responder teams in the coming months.

Finally, I must also mention that Toni’s eldest son, Michael – having attended his first Heartstart Course last year – has started his training to become a Heartstart Facilitator like his Mum!  He should complete this in the next 2 months and will then be awarded his team colours and name badge.

Great to have the Friscuolo’s on the KCFRT Team!