Success of our Recycling project

By Terry Griffiths.

The story so far…

The first bag of general recycling made just over £30.

The second bag has just gone off to Recycling for Good Causes.  It will take a month or so to hear what it has made, but I’m expecting something in the region of £30 again.

I sometimes get items that are too good for general recycling and I try to sell them on individually.  The best example is the coins I received in February – you may have read about them in the Knutsford Guardian here.  Well, they have now made a little over £1500.

I have also sold several other items through specialist dealers.  These include jewellery, phones and cameras that have made in excess of £350.

So, total to date is around £1880.

I’m still collecting, so please keep searching for unwanted items… and tell all your friends and family!!

I’ve also set up a separate address for correspondence on recycling.  It is and is on the leaflets I have produced. See below.