Welcome our new Chairman!

Our 2021 AGM saw KCFRT welcome a new Chairman: Steve Nixon.


Before we introduce him, let me thank Sal Thompson for her dedication, drive and energy over the last 4 years as Chairman, not least for covering both the role of Secretary and Chairman at the same time! No mean feat and we are very grateful, thank you Sal.


Steve joined the group after being a first aider at work and has been working with the trust for a number of years as a Heartstart Facilitator. He has also helped out on numerous occasions with our promotional events. Steve has always been a popular member of the team with our volunteers, our trainees and the public, so it is no surprise he has been voted in to chair our Executive Committee.


When asked what his favourite parts of the role are, he quips “The chance of a free cup of tea and a biscuit!”. But more seriously he says, “Surprising for myself, as someone that likes the company of family and self, my favourite part of volunteering is facilitating the Heartstart course and chatting to those that take part, as each individual has a life that’s different to my own, and that makes them interesting”.


He goes to on to say:


The years 2020 into 2021 have definitely been different, and a lot of folk have found life difficult. Yet into the breach an army of volunteers have stepped up to the plate and assisted within and beyond their own communities and neighbourhoods.

How many have taken part in mental health first aid by stopping and having a chat, or stopped and lent an ear? There are thousands of little acts of kindness that take place every day, even before the COVID situation we find ourselves in. This is without a thought, yet these acts of kindness help people and aid their mental health.


By volunteering it’s easy to learn and teach simple first aid within the Heartstart family, and for those that want an extra set of skills, becoming a first responder can make a real difference to even more people. If this is too much, consider how many youngsters can be helped by helping at a cardiac screening session. Or helping raise funds for publicly accessible defibrillators. 


Not all superheroes wear a cloak and their undies on the outside (!), some, like the volunteers that have stepped up this last year, could be walking in front of you.


If you think you could help KCFRT, get in touch, after all the next person that could need first aid could be right beside you.

For more information on hoe to volunteer with KCFRT see our volunteer page here.